About Cashmen

What is Cashmen?

How do I sell my gadget via Cashmen?

Visit our website www.cashmen.in or download the Cashmen App from Google Play Store then Search for your device through our on-page filter and mention its condition in required fields. Our automated system will quote a price for your device, which you shall receive at the time of pickup. (Estimated Price)

If you agree to sell, then please schedule a time slot that best suits you. One of our representatives will visit your home/ office address only for the pickup at the set date/ time and pay you instantly.

Please note that we don't do any transactions from Road-Sides / Hotels / Guesthouse / Hospitals etc. We do not take pickups from Bus stands, Railway stations etc.

We have the right to cancel the pickup anytime in case we don't feel safe or have any doubt anytime anywhere during the transaction period of the deal.

What do you do with my old phone?

Once a phone is sold to us, we refurbish it or repair it, if needed we rectify whatever issues it might have. Following which, we sell these devices to retailers so that they can be further sold to customers looking to buy second-hand devices.
Note: Cashmen is just an aggregator between buyer & seller.

How do you determine the price for my device?

The price of a device depends on the overall quality and condition of the device. We examine your device to check if it is in order and on the basis of that we determine its price accordingly.

What if my pickup is delayed?

Devices with company warranty will fetch you better prices. So, if you claim your device to be under warranty, then we would require the original invoice to be submitted at the time of selling your device. Apart from that, we will also be requiring a photo copy of your ID proof that will be taken by our representative or you can also mail us at support@cashmen.in. Note! We do not take phones which are on loan or EMI not paid.

Do I need to give the original invoice also?

Don't worry we'll get to you. If you haven't yet received the contact details of your pick-up manager via SMS, get in touch with our customer support and share your name & number. And we'll take care of the rest.

I bought a phone from the USA and now want to sell it. Will you buy it and do you buy locked phones?

We buy gadgets which you bought outside India but we don't consider it in warranty or you may say we do not take the same value. This is because most gadgets bought outside India have warranty valid in the country of origin and not in India. Also, we don't buy locked phone or CDMA phones. Note! We strictly do not take stolen or lost gadgets.

Why isn't my device listed?

Some devices don't sell anymore. This is either because they're not relevant anymore (such as Samsung Galaxy S2) or they're too old (such as flip and QWERTY phones). Although we love the Blackberry Curve, its irrelevance makes us unable to buy it.

How do I become a Partner or a re-seller with Cashmen?

We are expanding our operations day by day & city by city, and we welcome partners to join us across the country. You can reach us by writing in to partner@cashmen.in and sharing your Name, Email address, Phone number & City. We will get back to you once we get these details.

Can I sell my financed device or a device bought using EMI?

All financed devices or devices purchased on EMI will only be eligible for sale once they are free from the installments. You will, however, have to share an NOC issued by the finance provider stating the same at the time of pickup.

Can I reschedule my pickup?

Yes, all you have to do is contact the pickup manager at the number provided to you by SMS or just get in touch with us on support@cashmen.in

Where can I reach you for prompt resolution of queries and/or complaints?

You can reach us at support@cashmen.inand we will get back to you at the earliest.

What do you mean by Instant Cash?

It means our service engineer or our representative will come to your doorstep for physically evaluating the gadgets condition and match it to the conditions you mentioned while generating the quote. (Inspection)

If the condition of your device match with the provided description, our representative will pay you in cash at that very instant. Once you've transacted the device, we will confirm the exchange and implement instant pay accordingly.

Note:If the seller doesn't have the invoice we will transfer to your bank just to make sure (due to security reasons) that the phone which the seller is selling to Cashmen belongs to him/her.

Why did I get paid less than the quote?

Sometimes the information given by the seller doesn't match the physical condition of the device at the time of inspection. This results in reduction in the price of the device. To understand the terms better, kindly read the guidelines carefully while selecting your phones specifications. Feel free to contact us in case of any difficulty.

Do you charge something for picking up my gadget?

No, it is absolutely free! (Home & Residential Only)

What if your agent damages my phone?

We will never damage a product that we buy. Our representative will inspect while you witnessing all. Rest assured that your phone is in safe hands.

If my model is not available on Cashmen, how do I sell it?

Can't find your phone's model on Cashmen? Please drop us a mail at support@cashmen.in with details about the Brand, Model, Configuration Photos & Condition, and we will get back to you with the quote of your device as soon as possible.

My phone has Broken/Damaged Screen but it's still less than 12 months old. Why will it be not considered under warranty?

As per warranty conditions, a gadget is considered out of warranty if it's physically damaged or has broken screen. Hence this kind of device/phone is not considered to be under warranty by us.

What kind of tests are run on my phone and why?

All the tests that we do are listed at the bottom of this page.

What if my gadget is under warranty and I have lost the invoice (Bill)?

In order to claim any warranty, the buyer always needs to have the invoice (Bill) with them, you can also provide us with a soft copy (PDF) file or you can also mail us the invoice. However, in case of a lost invoice, the device will be considered to be more than a year old and the price shall be quoted accordingly. Also, we only accept Indian invoices for warranty purposes. All items with Non-Indian invoice will be considered out of warranty.

What if during pick up the condition of the gadget doesn't match to the one I provided on Cashmen App or Website?

Under such circumstances, our Cashmen representative will present you a fresh quote as per the actual condition of the gadget. If you agree, then we will pay you the re-quoted amount on the spot. You may also choose to discontinue our service if the re-quoted value is not up to your expectation, without any risk of paying any pickup charge for it.

I have bought a new phone for ₹ 45,000/- ten days ago. I am expecting ₹ 44,000/- for it but Cashmen is giving very low value for it. Why?

When you buy a gadget and sell it in few days, please don't expect an 'almost original' price for it, as the device now falls under the category of 'used'. You may be better off selling it to a friend, the product has already lost 25- 50% of its value when you bought your device & activated it according to us.

Where can I buy a second-hand phone?

You can find second-hand phones on e-outlets and many other places including offline mobile phone stores all over India, although we have no special recommendation to make for now.

Tests that we carry out on every device that we receive:

Tests List

Device parts and the tests performed for each of them

IMEI, WiFi, Battery, Charging Port, Front Camera, Back Camera, Microphone, Proximity Sensor, Vibrator, Gyroscope, Speaker, Headphone Jack, Fingerprint Sensor, SIM Tray, Sim Working, Magnetometer, Is Processor/ Chipset Authentic, Receiver Speaker, Network - Function, Network Supported Bands
Calling Check, Device Age (auto), Device Age (Manual Validation), ID Lock, Device Root, Is the operator locked, Accelerometer
Pressure sensor, Touch calibration, Screen check, Screen physical condition, Screen Functionality
Camera Burst Test, 3.5mm Jack, Facial Recongnition, Brand Lock/ iCloud Lock, Screen-lock or password, Home Button, Back Button, Recent App Button, Volume Buttons, Power Buttons
Bluetooth, Bill, Headphones, Charger, Box, Is IMEI / TAC authentic, Is the device stolen, Bill authenticity, Warranty status